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Do 1 Thing: A Monthly Guide to Preparedness

posted Jan 29, 2015, 2:39 PM by Steve Taffee
Do 1 Thing is a new website dedicated to helping individuals and families better prepare for natural and man-made disasters. Over the course of a year, each month will focus on a particular preparedness topic, such as floods, emergency water, sheltering, food and so on.

You can use the website as a means of learning more about each topic month by month, or dive directly into an area of interest on your own schedule. If you sign-up, you will receive periodic emails pertaining to the topic of the month. There's no cost to join, and there is no selling of products on the site. By doing one thing a month, the organizers aim to help you take small but steady steps that will lead to greater safety for you and your family if and when an disaster occurs.