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3. Be Informed

A. To "be informed" means that you take steps to stay abreast of threats, locally, regionally, and nationally
  1. Web, automated phone calls, SMS, and email systems
  2. AM and FM Radio. Refer to "Get a Kit" to be sure you have a battery operated (with extra batteries, solar, or crank charging) portable AM/FM radio available. Your car radio is another option, assuming your car is safely accesible. 
  3. Television. (note, power and cable tv lines may be down, you'd need a battery operated TV or generator, plus an antenna)
    • KTVU, Channel 2
    • KRON, Channel 4
    • KPIX, Channel 5
    • KGO, Channel 7
    • KNTV, Channel 11
    • KICU, Channel 36
    • KTEH, Channel 54
B. To be informed means that you take steps to let others know of your well-being.
  1. If safe, place a sign on your home's front window or door indicating your status, such as SAFE or HELP.
  2. Have an out-of-area contact that you can call to let them know your status, and be sure family friends know to contact that person.
  3. Use the Red Cross Self and Well website to inform people of your status.
  4. Report to your local fire station for further advice, message boards, etc.
C. To be informed means that you are aware of your surroundings.
  1. Locate threats from natural gas lines. Check out PGE's interactive map of gas transmission pipelines. National gas transmission pipeline maps are also available.