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Emergency Cache Locations
Emergency caches are locked trailers or storage containers that contain the equipment and supplies necessary to open a CERT Incident Command Post (ICP). These supplies are maintained by the MPFD and are identical in each cache. Neighborhood Coordinators have access to these supplies. CERT teams are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the contents of their nearest cache and the operations and use the equipment.

Medical caches, for use by members of the Medical Reserve Corp (MRC), are also available in certain locations as noted below.

Station 1 
300 Middlefield Road 
Menlo Park
CERT cache - Trailer
Station 2 
2290 University Ave 
East Palo Alto
CERT cache - Trailer
Station 4 
3322 Alameda De Las Pulgas 
Menlo Park
CERT cache -Trailer

Holbrook Palmer Park Corp Yard 
150 Watkins Av, Atherton
CERT and MRC Cache - Trailers
Suburban Park 
Contact Person:
Larry Kahle 

Menlo Park - Conex Box
First Baptist Church 
1100 Middle Avenue 
Menlo Park
CERT cache - Conex Box
EPA Corporation Yard
150 Tara Street
East Palo Alto
MRC cache - Trailer
2470 Pulgas Ave
East Palo Alto
CERT TRN - Trailer

Cache Maintenance Schedule
6 months
  • Check for rodent and insect infestations. If signs are present, check containers and contents.
  • Check for signs of water leaks, mildew
  • Recycle/Refill chainsaw fuel mixture, 501 ratio.
  • Recycle/Refill generator fuel (gasoline plus Stabil)
  • Refill moisture absorber with DampRid (absorbal)
  • Replace WD40
  • Replace chlorine bleach
  • Physical inventory of contents; replace as needed
5 Years
  • Replace Nitril gloves
  • Replace fire extinguisher
  • Replace all batteries
  • Replace glow sticks green and red
  • Replace hygiene kits
  • Replace spray paint
10 years
  • replace MREs
Generator Information

MPFPD CERT Cache Photos

Chainsaw Safety

MPFD CERT Cache Contents
Safety Equipment Box (280 lbs)Count
Hard hat8
Eye glasses, Steeleman6
Safety glasses8
Gloves, leather work24
Ear plugs16
Respiratory protection, Scott half face8
Respiratory protection, cartridges P-10040
Respiratory protection, paper dust masks25
Rain ponchos8
Head lamps8
Safety vests8
Light, strobe8
Batteries, AA cell32
Batteries, AAA cell32
Air horn1
Rescue Equipment (570 lbs)Count
Carabiner, locking D, 11 mm12
Litter & complete pre-rig1
Edge protection2
Pick off straps2
Body harness2
Rope, rescue, 1/2' dia., 150'2
Prusik, camming device6
Cribbing & Wedge Kit1
4"x4"x18" wedges24
2"x4"x18" wedges24
Hand Tools
8-10 LB sledge hammer2
3-4 LB sledge hammer2
Pinch point pry bar 60"4
Claw wrecking bar 2'2
Claw wrecking bar 3'2
Axe, flat head1
Axe, pick head1
Axe, pulaski1
Shovel, long handle sq. pt.4
Shovel, long handle rd. pt.4
Shovel, scoop "D" handle1
Bolt cutters, 30"1
Saw, chain , 18"1
Saw, spare chain, 18"1
Rescue Equipment (220 Lbs)
Tool Box1
Hammer, framing2
Hammer, ball peen1
Wrench, cresent 12"1
Wrench, cresent 8"1
Wrench, open end, five piece 1/4"-3/4"1
Screwdrivers, slotted head, 7 piece set1
Screwdrivers, phillips head, 6 piece set1
Screwdrivers, offset, slotted-phillips1
Scratch awl1
Torx driver2
Pocket key chain set1
Flagging, orange1
Saw, hack4
Saw, hack, blades25
Pliers, slip joint1
Pliers, channel lock1
Pliers, wire side1
Pliers, needle nose1
Paint, spray, orange2
Lumber chalk, box1
Lumber chalk, refill1
Lumber crayon, red4
Lumber crayon, yellow4
Lumber pencil4
Tape, measure3
Cold chisel, 12"2
Tri-speed square2
Other Tools and Supplies
Nails, 16, 30lb,1
Nails, 8, 30lb.1
Nails, 16, duplex, 30lb1
Socket set, 18 pieces, 7/16-1 1/41
Wheel barrel1
Rope 1, nylon 1 1/4 dia., 150'6
Bucket, 5 gallon, utility1
Fire extinguishers1
Shelter & Support Box A1
Blankets, wool7
Tent, 6 person1
Visquine, sheeting, 4 mil., 10'x100'1
Water blatter, collapsible, 5 quart1
Potable Water Toilet System1
Bag, carrying1
Wag bags22

Shelter & Support Box B1
Shelter & support box1
Lights, tripod, 1000 watt1
Battery, D cell36
Battery, AA cell96
Extension cord, 2', multi outlet1
Extension cord, 100', 12/32
Light, flash D cell8
Tool belt2
Glow sticks, red50
Glow sticks, green50
Jack, hydraulic bottle, 12 ton2
Saw, crosscut, 26"2
Tape, duct2
Tape, caution, 1000'1
AM FM radio1
Generator, 4000 watt, Generac1
Generator, 4000 watt, accessories kit1
Fuel, can, 2 gallon, unleaded2
Cot, folding1
Tarp, 11'4"x15'6"1
Tarp, 15'2"x23'4"1
Tarp, 19x29'6"1
Bungee cords 24"2
Water, 20oz., bottles288
Food, MRE120
Trauma Kit1
Medical equipment box1
Trauma pack1
Gloves, exam, medium, 10 pair10
Gloves, exam, large, 10 pair10
Gloves, exam, x-large 10 pair10
Trauma shears1
Blanket, space2
Triage tags10
Sterile 4x410
Sterile 5x910
Sterile trauma dressing 10x301
Sterile abdominal dressing 7.5x84
Tape, 1" transparent6
Kerlix roll ,small12
Kerlix roll, large2
Sling, triangular4
Bandages, petroleum5
Blanket, yellow disposable2
Fanny pack8
Gloves, medium3
Gloves, large3
Gloves, x-large3
Sterile 4x44
Sterile 5x94
Tape, 1" transparent1
Kerlix roll, small3
Germicidal wipes2
Sling, triangular1
Blanket, space1
Emergency whistle1
Hand warmers2
Emergency matches2
Utility knife1
Hygiene Kit BLS8
Hygiene pack1
Wash up towelettes2
Shampoo, 2oz1
Disposable razor1
Shave cream, 2.25 oz.1
APAP (non-aspirin pain relief)2
IPRIN (ibuprofen)2
Patient Litters2
Backboard straps2
Bleach, 1 gallon1
Red Folder
WD-40, MSDS1
Clorox, MSDS1
Fuel, MSDS1
Glow sticks, MSDS1
Paint, spray, MSDS1
Oil, chain, MSDS1
MRE heater, MSDS1
Generator, Manuals1
Blue Waterproof Bag1
Paper, legal pad1
Paper, steno book1
Pens, black2
Incident organizer1
ICS forms1
Fog Guides1
Emergency Response Guidebook1
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